Top 37 Legal Blogs for a Legal Translator to Follow

Law Blogs of Interest to Legal Translators

Legal translation services providers are accustomed to reading popular legal translation blogs, such as Law Translation Company’s blog and Translation for Lawyers blog.

And since the best legal translation services for attorneys require extensive knowledge of languages, legal systems of different countries and understanding of the legal industry, to produce the best legal translation it would be beneficial for legal translators to follow law blogs written by attorneys.

After all, knowing all the secrets and nuances related to law would enable certified legal translators to produce the most accurate legal document translations possible and avoid outrageous legal translation errors.

That’s why we’ve decided to come up with this list of top 37 law blogs every legal translator should read.

Follow these top legal blogs and you’ll always be up-to-date on the legal industry’s latest news and trends, which will be reflected in the quality of legal translations you produce.

  1. Above the Law

This law blog shares news and insights, and provides opinions on lawsuits, judges, courts, lawyers, and law firms.

  1. Adams on Contract Drafting

The main focus of this legal blog is clear writing. It discusses the use of specific phrases, and gives advice on what mistakes legal writers should avoid, which also applies to legal translators.

  1. SCOTUS Blog

Out of the many legal blogs, this one will grab the attention of court interpreters and law translators. Lawyers, law students, and journalists contribute to this blog and cover various court cases.

  1. Attorney at Work

This law blog shares tips, tricks, and advice on law practice management. The writers of this blog truly live up to their slogan: “One really good idea every day.”

  1. ABA Journal

This is one of the top-tier publications among the law blogs. It covers the latest news about people, finances, and trends of the legal profession.

  1. Defending People

Defense attorney Mark Bennett shares his best practices and thoughts on new laws, and also calls out fellow lawyers in his blog. Definitely a go-to place for a legal translator.


“The community of small firm lawyers creating the future”. This is also a great blog to visit if you want to step up your legal translation game.

  1. Election Law Blog

This blog covers elections, politics, and other emerging law issues.

  1. Fashion Counsel

As the name suggests, this legal blog provides analysis of fashion law and business. It’s the go-to place for lawyers, industry insiders, business executives, and anyone interested in this niche.

  1. How Appealing

This blog is more of a legal news aggregator. It provides links to high-quality reports on various legal subjects and points to relevant opinions.

  1. Library of Law and Liberty

This law blog include interviews, essays, debates, educational materials, and commentaries.

  1. IPWatchdog

This is one of the top blogs on intellectual property law. It covers business and law of patents and technology, as well as general information on trademarks and copyrights.

  1. Law Technology Today

If you’re a tech-savvy legal translator, you have to follow this blog. It covers the latest technology and law news.

  1. Jonathan Turley

This blog’s contributors talk about constitutional rights, patents, criminal defense, and the First Amendment.

  1. The Crime Report

If you’re working on a legal translation about criminal justice, you have to visit this blog. Here, you can find the latest news and plenty of materials for research.

  1. LawProse

Here’s another law blog dedicated to legal writing, drafting, and editing.

  1. Rocket Lawyer

Whether you’re a legal translator, a law student, or just interested in legal topics, this law blog will help. It includes articles on business, property and finance, personal, and family law.

  1. Legal Profession Blog

This blog shares the most curious news and opinions in the legal realm. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a legal translator.

    1. Legal News

This site will provide you with the latest legal news, and more.

  1. Lowering the Bar

This is a law blog created for entertainment purposes. It covers some of the most bizarre and unusual news from the legal industry, based on true stories.

  1. Patently-O

This legal blog is dedicated to patent law. If you’re looking for any sources on this topic, you’ll definitely find something useful here.

  1. My Shingle

This blog is about and dedicated to small law firms and solo lawyers. It contains numerous informative posts on legal affairs, shares forms, checklists, e-books, and advice on starting a law firm.

  1. FDA Law Blog

This is the blog of food and drug law firm Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. While its posts and reports are intended for regulatory professionals and other attorneys, it is also a great source of information for legal translators and for medical translators.

  1. Persuasive Litigator

This blog provides help to trial lawyers, and other legal persuaders. It shares tips and strategies for various phases of litigation.

  1. China Law Blog

Everything you ever wanted to know about doing business in China can be found in this law blog. It would be of interest not only to Chinese to English legal translators, but to all legal translators, irrespective of the languages they translate from and into.

  1. Popehat

This law blog focuses on criminal justice, free speech, liberty, the legal system, and all the related topics of interest to legal translators.

  1. Broadcast Law Blog

This blog is written by an attorney representing TV, web, and radio broadcasters. He shares his experiences and opinions on music licensing, transactional and regulatory matters.

  1. PrawfsBlawg

This law blog covers a wide variety of topics. From research and advice on law education, to discussions about certain case decisions.

  1. Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The name of this legal blog clearly describes the topics it covers. Any legal translator will find something useful to learn about in this blog.

  1. Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log

The main focus of this blog is covering the topics of false advertising, trademark violations, and all the related issue

  1. Real Lawyers Have Blogs

This blog shares advice for lawyers who want to strengthen their presence online and on social media. It also talks about the legal side of things.

  1. Ride the Lightning

This legal blog aims at covers information security, digital forensics, data breaches and electronic evidence.

  1. Strictly Business

This is a law blog for entrepreneurs and those who are interested in the private fund industry, startups, and venture capital. It would be of interest to translators who provide financial translation services.

  1. Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

This legal blog focuses on reviewing law and law-related apps, tools, services, and websites. He also talks about the ways lawyers can use technology, and releases podcasts.

  1. Privacy Law Blog

Privacy Law Blog covers topics regarding the legal side of personal data. It shares information on the protection, collection, and sharing of data. It also includes materials about the standards and laws that regulate these processes.

  1. Simple Justice

This is a criminal defense blog. It covers the latest news on criminal law developments.

  1. 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

This blog talks about the relation between the legal industry and technology, and analyzes the future of law practice.

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