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Legal language translation services play an important role in employment discrimination cases. A number of key federal, state and local laws deal with the issue of whether the failure to provide employees with translated documents constitutes employment discrimination. Even when the employer can technically avoid liability and is not required to provide translated documents to its non-English-speaking employees, it is typically in his or her own best interest to provide such materials in languages other than English. Continue reading →

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patent translation services you can trust at All Langauge Alliance, Inc.

Finding a company you can trust with patent translation services can be a daunting task.

IP translation services, in general, and patent translations, in particular, are vital for businesses in the era of international trade, product pirating, and myriads of government regulations that can vary widely from country to country.

One hopes, of course, that one never has to defend their patents in court, but when it happens, it pays to have every I dotted and every T crossed. The annals of legal history are filled with patent litigation and copyright cases where a single line from the wording of a piece of registered intellectual property has swayed judges to decide one way or another. Continue reading →

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certified-translation-services-at-www.languagealliance.comCertified document translation services along with professional legal interpreting services play an important role in the lives of immigrants to the U.S.

On the other hand, certified translation services are also needed by Americans who relocate to live in other countries, and also known as expatriates (aka ex-pats).  Certified translations are needed for a variety of personal identification documents including: birth certificates, CVs (résumés), letters of recommendation, medical records, and academic records among others. Continue reading →

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japanese to english legal translation services at All Language Alliance, Inc.

There is growing demand for Japanese to English legal translation services. Professional legal translators are fluent in the Japanese and English languages, as well as the legal and corporate cultures of Japan and U.S., which help assure that the legal translation you receive will be both culturally appropriate and linguistically correct. Continue reading →

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legal translation services of voting instructions

Federal Court Finds That Portions of the Texas Election Code Governing Voters’ Use of an Interpreter Are Inconsistent With The Voting Rights Act

Professional translation of voting instructions are vital for the enforcement of the requirements of the Voting Rights Act. In OCA Greater Houston v. State of Texas, case No. 15-CV-00679 filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, a registered voter and a voting advocacy group filed suit against the State of Texas for its enforcement of certain provisions of the Texas Election Code governing the assistance provided to voters with a limited ability to understand English. Continue reading →

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japanese translation services at All Language Alliance, inc.
Certified document translations are occasionally challenged as hearsay when submitted into evidence.

In the legal translation blog post below about the Japanese document translation we look at how one court has resolved this issue.

For details about the importance of foreign document translation services, please read:

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Urdu document translation

Irrespective of Urdu Document Translation Issues, Court Finds Defendants Failed to Establish Need for Urdu Court Translators and Interpreters

Urdu document translation issues, similarly to other foreign language legal document translation issues, often come up in cases involving foreign-born litigants. Continue reading →

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All Language Alliance. Inc. provides translations for academia

All Language Alliance, Inc. provides academic translation services that are often needed to detect plagiarism in academia cases. Academic integrity remains an important issue at universities across the nation. Continue reading →

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legal translaiton services at All Language Alliance

Defense Lawyers Accuse Plaintiffs of Pretending to Need Korean Court Interpreter During Personal Injury Jury Trial; Court Denies Request for New Trial After Plaintiffs Receive Minimal Damages Award

In the experience of All Language Alliance, Inc., many lawyers with clients who speak English as a second language will encourage their clients to avail themselves of the services of a competent translator when testifying at a deposition or during trial. Continue reading →

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