Certified Translators, Court-Certified Interpreters, Expert Testimony in International Family Law Cases

We’ve blogged about certified translation services and court-certified interpreters in the context of translators serving as witnesses per Fed. R. Evid. 604. In international family law cases, expert testimony is often required – sometimes even by the attorney. Such testimony is often seen in cases involving international child abduction where one parent is seeking to prevent the other parent from having visitation with the child in a foreign country or from relocating with the child to another country.

When expert testimony is required, a foreign language translation will also be required and – depending on the jurisdiction – via a certified foreign language translator. Furthermore, the expert witness will often be required to give their opinion on specific documents and experts – which will also require a foreign language translation. For example, on what terms should be in a custody order that will allow international visitation but will minimize the risk that the child may not be voluntarily returned, the terms of a custody order and the laws of the home jurisdiction.

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