Legal Translator Services and
Notarized Foreign Language Translations in International Divorce Law

Legal Translation Services for International Divorce Attorneys

Professional legal translation services play an important role in international divorces. What makes divorces that span borders complex is the need for foreign language translations of all orders and documents. But what happens when the case uses anonymous captions – like in the case of Anonymous v. Anonymous, a case involving divorce orders in France and New York?

In this case, the wife filed for divorce in New York and husband in France, where he lived. Later, he also filed for custody. Wife then moved to stay the French divorce, consolidate the suit and litigate custody in New York. Upon presentation of a foreign language translation, the Court recognized the French divorce and child support orders.

On appeal, the case was dismissed on the grounds that:

  • It was filed under lapsed index numbers.
  • The New York court could not order arrears based on a French custody order.
  • The husband should have been granted forum non conveniens as the French court had jurisdiction.
  • The court allowed for anonymous captions where it was not allowed and, although allowed in French courts, the captions should have been translated for the New York case.

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