Language Translation, International Translation Experts, and the Share Pledge Agreement Translation

Share Pledge Agreement Translation Services

We’ve blogged about certified language translation in the context of cross-border contract law, and translation services related to translations of international corporate governance documents. As businesses become more international in scope, Share Pledge Agreements are becoming more popular. However, when dealing with a share pledge agreement, one often faces numerous jurisdictions, each using a specific language and thus requiring a foreign language translation. Take the rapidly developing nation of Turkey, for example. Turkey’s corporate code is similar to many European and North American corporate governance codes in that it provides shareholders of a joint stock corporation with certain rights, including voting rights in general assembly of shareholders meetings, rights to collect dividends, pre-emptive rights, and so on.

However, although many of these rights are strictly attached to the shareholder, some are also available to the pledges of shares (usufruct rights).

By definition, a share pledge is a form of pledge over movables typically used to secure some type of loan. Under Turkish law, all rights remain with the pledgor until the share pledge is foreclosed. That being said, parties may agree otherwise, meaning the share pledge agreement must specify who will be entitled to exercise the shareholder rights. When the shareholders involved are international in scope, all such agreements must contain foreign language translations. Furthermore, such an agreement must be legitimate under the laws of all relevant jurisdictions.

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