What Foreign Clients Want from Their Lawyers

Legal Translation Services for Attorneys Who Serve Foreign Clients

Lawyers often use lingo that can puzzle the average American-born, English-speaking person. A casual mention of prima facie evidence, or unconscionability prompts many clients to beg their lawyers to put these expressions in layman’s terms. And we’re not even talking about foreign language translation, or foreign-language tape transcription and translation! Consider, then, the confusion, fear, and distrust of non-English-speaking individuals born to a foreign language and culture when faced with a legal problem.

It is safe to assume that they would have no clue about the U.S. legal system, or what the various law specialities are about. And that they would have a unique set of expectations, based on their cultural baggage, or, cultural prerogatives, if you will. For privacy and other reasons they may prefer to hire an American-born lawyer, who doesn’t even speak their language, rather than a bilingual attorney.

And they will want the very best lawyer to represent them.

So, how would they know they’ve found the very best lawyer?

That’s simple… They’ll know it when they meet a lawyer, who is a very nice person.

We agree with Dan Nunley, who believes that the very best attorneys are also nice people. He writes:


“The very best attorneys can assertively represent their client’s best interests without being rude and hostile to opposing counsel, witnesses or the court. These attorneys do not feel the need to convince you that they know everything. They are not show-offs. They are not primadonnas. They are not arrogant blow-hards. They also understand that “louder” does not mean “smarter”.


The best attorneys do not feel like they have to prove anything to anybody. They know they are good, and so does everyone else. Whereas many times, less-skilled attorneys feel they must compensate for their lack of skills, knowledge and expertise by being mean, pompous and uncooperative.”

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