Professional Translation Services
in the Year of the Snake


Certified legal translations by professional human translators help law firms and corporations gain more credibility among foreign-born clients and differentiate themselves in the crowded marketplace. By producing and publishing multilingual information about the areas of the law firm’s expertise in the languages of their foreign clients attorneys send the message that they care about non-English-speaking clients and are prepared to serve them well.

In addition to publishing multilingual translations about important legal issues, a law firm that sponsors an event celebrating, for example, the Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013 will promote goodwill in the local Asian community.

The Chinese New Year, often referred to as the “Lunar New Year”, or as “Spring Festival”, is celebrated not only in China, but also in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and the U.S. In 2013 the first day of the New Year in the Chinese calendar falls on February 10th. The Chinese Year of the Snake 2013 promises to be rife with challenges.

“Brace for turbulence during the Year of the Snake 2013, and don’t expect things to be smooth all the time”, warns Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultant Master George Yau. He points out: “Just like a snake that coils up to keep warm and preserve its energy, the Year of the Snake carries the energy of preservation. It’s only when the snake coils up, that it has the power to strike and attack. So in the Year of the Snake focus on holding on to what you have. Preserve your energies. Be patient in waiting for opportunities, and only then make your move.”

Also, to have things run more smoothly in the Year of the Snake and to protect your relationships, health, finances, and career focus on improving the positive energies of your law office and home by hiring an experienced Traditional Feng Shui consultant.

Wishing you a Successful Year of the Snake 2013!

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