Foreign Language Financial Document Translation,
and International Accounting Litigation

Accounting Document Translations for Litigation

Like many professional specialties – including the law, computer science and medicine – the field of accounting has many terms that are particular to the accounting profession. Although people within the finance and accounting field understand these trade terms, these terms often do not translate easily outside the profession. This is particularly true when accounting documents need to be translated into a foreign language for transnational and cross-border accounting litigation.

Correct foreign language translation of international accounting documents plays an important role. In fact, it is an essential component to avoiding litigation. In other words, without a foreign language translation that properly conveys the meaning of accounting term(s), detrimental problems in financial statements can be created – which will eventually lead to litigation.

With this in mind, it is essential that the foreign language translators who translate your international accounting documents are familiar with the accounting terminology and field. Skimping on professional translation services is really not a good idea.

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