French, German, Hebrew Law Translations

Multilingual Translations of Foreign Legal Documents

A limited number of French, German, Austrian, and Israeli legal materials and their German into English, French into English, and Hebrew into English translations are available for free through the The Institute for Transnational Law’s Web site. These legal documents are from the fields of constitutional, administrative, contract and tort law.

The site warns that the legal translations “have been made by various specialists in the field. There has been no attempt to create a uniform terminology or style throughout. In rendering the texts into English, the emphasis has been on readability, which means that the texts reproduced here could be described as ‘free’ translations.”

It’s great such a foreign language translation resource is available. But don’t rely on automatic translation, or free translations, or translation software, or machine translation too much. Nothing can beat professional translations.

When the future of your foreign client, or your domestic client is at stake, it’s not worth gambling with legal document translations.

Instead, hire a professional legal translation and interpreting agency you can trust. And reclaim your peace of mind.

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