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The Importance of Putting it in Writing

Contract Translation Services for Attorneys

Court document translation, contract translations, certified translation affidavits and court interpreting services play an important role in international litigation. Whenever a business deal goes sour, sure enough all parties will turn to the contract. The contract is the essential document that establishes the terms of the deal. And if there is a dispute, the contract is the document that will be looked at in court or arbitration.

Seems like a well known fact, right?

You would be surprised by the number of businesses that skip the written contract and instead rely on the verbal agreement and a handshake. You can still do the handshake, but make sure it follows the signing of a written contract that includes, at the very least:

  1. The terms of the agreement in clearly stated detail
  2. An integration clause that makes clear that the written document represents the entire deal- to make sure the agreement is limited to what is on paper and does not include any information from other sources or communications.

However, written contracts become tricky when one party speaks a foreign language. In such cases, written contracts are still essential, but it must include a foreign language translation of the original so that all parties are clear as to what they are agreeing to. Further, the integration clause must be written in a way that it is clear to the non-native speaker what is meant by it.

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